WebPivotTable is a pure javascript pivot table implementation which mimics all functionalities of Microsoft Excel Pivot Table but run totally inside any browsers. It can be used independently or be easily embedded into any web site or any web application.

  • Use WebPivotTable Independently

WebPivotTable can freely be used as an indepedent data analysis tool by any person or any business. Please follow Quick Start Guide to have a WebPivotTable web application installed on your local network quickly.

  • Use WebPivotTable as a component

Mostly, WebPivotTable is used as a component to be embedded into a web site or a web application.

By embedded WebPivotTable into enterprise web site or web application, all employees within this enterprise can easily access the same data source and do any data analysis in their browsers. The data analysis results and reports can easily be shared to anybody else.

Business intelligence software providers can also easily OEM WebPivotTable component into their web software and distribute it to their customers, or embedded it into their SaaS (Software as a service) solutions which serve unlimited web users.

Please follow WebPivotTable Integration Guide on how to easily integrate WebPivotTable into your applications.

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